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Hey guys... I am using a toshiba laptop using vista.. which is connected wirelessly to a netgear router.. WGT264 . the roter is connected to the thomson speedtouch modem with a Eth cable. now, the problem iss I recentli gt my old toshiba laptop screen fixed which runs on xp sp2.. while the vista works perfectli with the router and connects to the internet.. the xp however connects but it say limited connectivity or no conection.. I have disabled the firewall and everything.. but no use.. could someone please help meh thrue this .. I would be very thankfull..

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Had the same problem with my vista laptop. Try to connect again then right click on the network icon on the bottom right of the screen and click diagnose repair. Click on the option to check Tcp/ip settings. Follow those directions for the IPversion4. You will be able to connect after that. I just fixed my laptop. The main idea is that the laptop wasn't getting an ip address automatically, and that's wht you're goin to change in the ip settings. Best of luck, if it works for you, spread the word!
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diable your wifi,,then go to my computer,click properties,look at device manager,see the network adapter,,802.7,,sommthing somthing,,unistall it,then look at the top,an icon shows a computer with a magnifying galss,,click that,,it will scan for hardware,,on installed,,try switch on your wifi,,

if this doesnt work,,then have to check your modem,,maybe a retriction mode somewhere,,either that then the final is,,old laptops,,causes that to happen at times,,
This worked for me after hrs of uninstalling an reinstalling wireless adapter, talikng to customer service at frontier, and reading countless other posts
This is the BEST solution to the above problem. Found it after FOUR hours of modem resets and windows format. Wish I had found it earlier.

thx it help me alot :)
just change the power option from balanced to power saver