Limited connectivity but excellent signal?

Hbui - Apr 12, 2009 at 02:50 AM
 MR - Feb 21, 2013 at 06:21 PM

so the other day I try to connect my laptop to my friend's router at her house and at first I couldn't get pass the passphrase part. her passphrase is adang008 but the computer said it was wep key type so I try a wep key generator on google. the wep key generator work , I got in the network but I cannot go on the internet. its like im connect to the network but not the internet so it just said limited connectivity with an excellent signal strength. her laptop's wireless internet works fine though. and then I accidently "unsave" the network from her laptop and when I try to connect it back in, it has the same problem as mine! its like her connection works fine until I undo the connect automaticly option to her network. i think its the passphrase I entered but I have no idea what im doing. i'm so worry because now she can't go on her own internet and she told me that setting up the passphrase thing cost money, does it? and PLEASE help me solve this problem, any help is fine. thank you!
solutions i've try:
system restore
unplug the router, and plug it back it
click diagnose the connection

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go to "manage WIRELESS networks" in network and sharing

delete the wireless connection made to the router - this will trick your machine into thinking its never connected to the network

go to "manage networks connections" and right click on wireless

connect to chosen network and check "display characters" you can then see what your entering to cross reference with the wireless key.

that should then connect - if not, reset the router (pin hole in the back until lights change)

follow same process - you wull need to reconfigure router with your adsl UN +PW
I have the SAME exact issue.

Had to change my wireless router from netgear to lincsys. DSL (Verizon) router is bridged.

I tried to set-up with WEP keys. The strange part is that Apple Mac notebook connected in a breeze and was up and running as a champ. PC with Vista and Dell laptop (xps1330) with Windows 7 have the same exact issue described in the post.

To mention additionally, all computers connect with no issues if no security is enabled.

Tried to delete the wireless network on "manage your wireless networks" in the described manner. The final conclusion was (both computers) - to reset the wireless router. That was the only option. Haven't tried to set-up with WPA - that is the project for tonight.

So, my question is - is this a Windows-specific issue? Apple seems to have no issues with the network (or the other way around).
Hi Boris,
Just had the same issue with a friend... Belkin had set her up over phone and enabled MAC address configuration. windows 7 had limited (no internet) xp same.... couldnt find ip address
Disabled this mac address config (set with router on main desktop) .... all computers connect MAC's & PC's
Cheers, You probably sorted by now anyway!
Nov 14, 2010 at 09:33 PM
Worked like a charm! Deleted and re-added Network was all it took!
Thank you, Thank you! This was what I needed. Bless you.