Copy required data from one excel to anther

 ray -
i want to copy only required feilds's data from one excel sheet to another.
suppoes there are 5 feilds in the excels ,now i want to use only three feilds ant then place it in new excel sheet
the important aspect is that i cannot use ADO and i need to do it with the help of VB 6.0

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I've numbers of excel sheets and one cell needs 2 b updated on an another excel sheet. This is not working when i've been using the excel formula cos this is not getting automatically updated on the required sheet, it gets updated only when it is open for the first time (ask UPDATE,when linked to all sheets) and it does not reflects the new data entered on the sheets when data gets update on them on an active time. Please help me with a VB formula so that when i click on the command button it import all data from those cells and update on the sheet i need. Example--

Suppose there are excel sheets like sheet1, sheet2, sheet3 etc. which are on use by people (active users) and i need data from sheet1 cell A1, sheet2 cell A1 and sheet3 cell A1 to b updated on an another excel sheetX cell A1,A2,A3..etc...when clicked on the VB command button. This is very urgent. Please help me to solve this problem.

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