Disk read error during installation of xp

 Derek -
Hello, during installation after copying files my system reboots and display " disk read error press alt ctrl del to restart "
what to do then to get rid of it and complete installation

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make sure that the disk is free from dirt and scratches.
or try to use another drive.
I am having the same problem. Windows XP SP2 installation is running smootly until finished. But when computer restarted to running windows for the first time, the "error reading disk occured" message comes. I tried to replaced my HDD (Maxtor and Samsung) and also replaced RAM but the problem still remain. I have double-check the Mainboard jumper and all cable connector within the case but nothing can help. Last thing I didn' do is to replace processor.
Me too, I reinstall XP on my laptop and when I reach the step that needs to be restart and it said "A disk read error occurred.
press alt ctrl del to restart".
Anyone know why?