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I have Vista and I am trying to download Adobe Flash Player Installer. However, it does not allow me to do this. I am not a computer savy person. Please give me step-by-step instructions on how to achieve this task. Thank you for your time.

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Adobe Flash Player is doing the same thing on my son's PC. He has Windows Vista 64-bit installed and no matter what we do, we cannot get the installer to run for Flash Player. We are downloading directly from the Adobe site and it gives us errors a minute or so after the installer begins to run. We have the virus software disabled and have tried to disable anything else on the computer that could be preventing the install.
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First question : Could you give me more details about "it does not allow me to do this" ?
Second question : Have you got Administrators Rights ?
my computer does not download the flash player10 installer, I have no idea what to do? I have been trying to get the flash player re-installed for a few days, It was erased because I had gotten a message saying there was something wrong with the flash player,and yes this is my laptop

Yes, I understand your problem, but I don't know WHY there is a problem.
Let's do it again.
You downloaded Flash Player from this site ,right ?

And where did you download it ?

Hmm. I don't understand, it should work. Are you sure you don't already have it ?
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no, i don't know? where could it be because everytime i try to play somebodies video it says to download flash player????
Plz help me, im running XP Media Centre Edition SP3 and no matter what i do Adobe's Flash Player does not get installed, i downloaded from the official site and i tried it some 10 times, it shows the following error, "Failed To Install, For troubleshooting tips please see" i went to that page and followed all instructions perfectly, i even uninstalled my previous version of flash player it was Flash Player 9, and tried installing the latest one but it still showed the same error, now i can't even watch any videos on the internet its really annoying me. Plz help!