Help! my game keeps crashing whenever i use cc furniture

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My game keeps crashing whenever i click on cc furniture or cc build... stuff XD... Please Help! I don't know what to do! I've updated my game and then it wouldn't even let me go into the game, I'm currently updating it again but I think it wont work. Cc makeup,hair and skins work normally but for some reason furniture and build objects don't... I really want to fix this because the cc is so cute! I'm so unprofessional right now but hey, its cute...

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Pardon us for not knowing what game you are referring to. Did you recently install a new module or upgrade? If so, remove it and try to re-apply it. Have you visited the game makers website for support? Perhaps others are experiencing the same thing and the maker is aware of it.

Have fun!
Its the Sims 3 I forgot to mention. Now my game keeps crashing over and over again when I play the live mode for a few seconds idk why... I removed all of my mods but kept my cc, should I try reinstalling my game or removing all of my cc? It works fine during CAS and build mode. Idk what to do anymore
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try to remove all of the CC., before you uninstall. You will probably have to re-install it.