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I bought a Lenovo Yoga 900S last year and had a few problems with it and had to send it twice for repair. Now a new problem arose when last week my pc wouldnt recognize my power cable. I had to twist the power cable so that it would charge. Twice when i unplugged the power cable my pc turned off and i had to turn it back on again. Two days ago my pc would not turn on. Do i have to buy a new power cable or is it something worse?

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When you say twist, do you mean the connector in the port, or do you mean twist the cavle like in the middle? If it is connecotr in port, you may try a new cable, but keep the receipt to take it back if it does the same thing. If you are twisting the cable in general, then yes it sounds like the cable has failed. once again, jist save the receipt in case you end up with the same result. Use a chain stire to purchase, like bestbuy, so that you will not get a restocking fee if you take it back. some pc stores will allow you to bring it back at a restocking charge added in!