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 James Withrow -
Hello, my account was disabled I would like to know reason why so I can enable my account I was request over 7 time to provide id which I provided my drivers licenses and advise FB of typo on withroe (e) typo more than one time and my only account I have is under Jim Withroe *** any other accounts were not made by me and I had security violation on several occasion via email . I would like to be able to access my account have over 3,000. Friends and any other account than under Jim Withroe *** I did not authorize request they are deleted and please respond to this message thru my email account assigned to the above account name and phone # I have received text messages stating my friends are requesting me to let them know why my Facebook is disabled. I will await your response

James Withrow(e typo)

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Why are you waiting for our response? You have posted on CCM.net, adn we have nothing to do with that organization. Understand you are 1 in 2 billion.

While you are waiting, we can play a simple math game:

If 1% of the users were having issues, and it took 15 minutes to clear each issue, and you were last in line, how long would have to wait to get an answer?

Thank you for your time and assistance with my issues on my account being disabled.

James Withrow
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If I may butt in to add on ac3mark's reply.

Facebook has 2 billion monthly users, so when ever you try to deal with Facebook you must remember that you are dealing with a machine, a system so one must think in terms of an automated system, not like a person to another person.

I don't think that Facebook will not let correct your typo error. You should have corrected it by deleting the account and creating a new one without any mistakes before you started collecting 3,000 friends. Since you must always use your real full name, if I were Facebook, I would ask why you went on with an error in your name. It's not logical.

P.S. It's impossible to have 3,000 true friends on a social network.

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