Locked out of Facebook with money in my account.

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Tuesday August 1, 2017
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August 1, 2017
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I had created a Facebook account just a day ago for business purposes. I also created a page with this account. I had to run an Ad for this page, so i created an Ad for the same. Ad got created successfully but right after making the payment for the ad, my account got logged out on its own. I had added extra money in the FB wallet for future ads as well.
When i went on to log in again, facebook showed a message that my account is temporarily suspended for security purposes and asked for an image with my face clearly visible. Not an ID but a normal image. I did the same. And since then i have been getting a message that 'we will get back to you afrer reviewing the photo. You are not allowed log in till then for security precautions.' everytime i login.
There has been no response from Facebook since then.

I have no idea what went wrong and what is the status of my ad and even the money i added to the wallet.

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You must remember, you are 1 in 2 billion, and that machine does what it wants, to include ignoring us. So, your best bet is to be patient while they figure out what the problem is. In the meantime, we can play a game:
If 1% of the 2 Billion users where having the same issue, you at the back of the line, and it takes 15 minutes to fix each problem, how long would you have to wait in days for your issue to be addressed?