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  • What is this site? Closed

    I was googling to find a MP3 download site. So I can download songs for my community radio show and for some reason got this. Doesn't look like you ha...

    SuperLeilani | Latest reply: Ambucias Feb 5, 2017
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  • i have a problem to download on play store Closed


    Adebimpr | Latest reply: Adebimpr Feb 5, 2017
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  • email address download Closed

    how to get email address from internet

    wanmaznah | Latest reply: ac3mark Feb 3, 2017
    1 reply
  • download email address Closed

    how to download email address from the internet

    wanmaznah | Latest reply: wanmaznah Feb 3, 2017
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  • youtube Closed

    need to download youtube

    oluphilips | Latest reply: oluphilips Jan 31, 2017
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  • How to download YouTube videos Closed

    Please tell me the process How to download YouTube videos.

    srinivasa11 | Latest reply: xpcman Jan 30, 2017
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  • olipad rom Closed

    hi! I am in really need of a rom of this tablet: Olivetti OliPad Smart 7 inch Tablet PC (TI OMAP 3630 1GHz Processor, RAM 512MB, SSD 8GB, Bluetooth,...

    tamassint | Latest reply: tamassint Jan 29, 2017
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  • download Closed

    I received an error message before being allowed to download my software. The message is something I don't understand how to correct. Can you help? ...

    RWO | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 18, 2017
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  • Inquiry Closed

    --What is all about this web page? sammy

    Samuelesan | Latest reply: ac3mark Jan 18, 2017
    1 reply
  • nero 2006 Closed

    downloaded, but can't get past a page asking for serial number How do I get to use it. Years ago I bought the program and loved using it. I'm on a d...

    patlund | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 18, 2017
    1 reply
  • google play for laptop Closed

    How do I install google play store to my lap top?

    dragons23 | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 17, 2017
    1 reply
  • Ethernet connection but Browser's won't load. Closed

    Hello, I have been struggling with this issue for over 12 hrs. New PC, I have Windows 10 and AVG is my antivirus, the reason I am saying what my an...

    dayADR | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 10, 2017
    1 reply
  • failing to download adobe photoshop 7 Closed

    i am failing to download adobe photoshop 7. help me

    gaviyaoc | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 6, 2017
    1 reply
  • how can i convert the downloader Closed

    hi how can i convert the downloader video to watch it on dvd player thanx

    alialsaghir | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 5, 2017
    1 reply
  • need to activate my account Closed

    please i need to activate my account Hamdy Debes

    hamdydebes | Latest reply: xpcman Jan 4, 2017
    1 reply
  • IP HIDER Closed

    How do i download free IP hider to my system?

    SparklingSam... | Latest reply: SparklingSammy2016 Dec 26, 2016
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  • Can't download Photoshop Closed

    When I try to download photoshop from this does nothing at all. Wehn I click the link, a new window opens to, and then the page ...

    kaworuto | Latest reply: Ambucias Dec 22, 2016
    1 reply

    Downloaded adobe flash player here and they said it has been downloaded but I can't find it anywhere on my laptop. How do i open and use it?

    Reevahlyns | Latest reply: Ambucias Dec 18, 2016
    1 reply
  • I want to unlock my Facebook account Closed

    Hello, My Facebook account is locked and u want to open it Configuration: iPhone / Safari 8.0

    Eurø bwøy | Latest reply: Eurø bwøy Dec 16, 2016
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  • i can not download Closed

    how can i get idm

    abdu600 | Latest reply: abdu600 Dec 14, 2016
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  • photoshop download to air brush pics Closed

    i'd like to download an app that allows me to air brush photos

    stockingmum | Latest reply: Ambucias Dec 10, 2016
    1 reply
  • adobe ilustrator Closed

    how do i download and create a shortcut for adobe illustrator on a windows 10?

    g.ramesh | Latest reply: g.ramesh Dec 10, 2016
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  • How can I download Google Play store Closed

    How can I download Google Play store for apparatus

    Jgbobbo9 | Latest reply: ac3mark Dec 7, 2016
    1 reply
  • internet, downloading Closed

    I want to downloand things on my pc ,eg fifa 16, youtube, tubemate, playstore and so on , but it can not download

    itkinzy | Latest reply: ac3mark Dec 5, 2016
    1 reply
  • ares will not open Closed

    I have downloaded many different versions of ares but it is the same with them all. I download open and run - no problem - but close ares and nothing ...

    andy7954 | Latest reply: andy7954 Dec 3, 2016
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  • Require help to download Microsoft installer Ver.5 Closed

    I was trying to download microsoft installer VEr 5 because SKype downloading was prevented fron downloading because of absence of Microsoft installer.

    drdavare | Latest reply: drdavare Dec 2, 2016
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  • how to download photoshop for free Closed

    how to download photoshop for free

    nelsonherman | Latest reply: nelsonherman Dec 1, 2016
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  • windows XP PRO updates Closed

    where can I receive updates for windows XP, free if possible

    Brakey | Latest reply: xpcman Dec 1, 2016
    1 reply

    my computer is not installing the downloader is my laptop the problem or the file its corrupt...thank you

    Klevabase | Latest reply: ft85 Dec 1, 2016
    1 reply
  • Passwords Closed

    I need to have a password for stuff. I just got this device and I need a password now!!!!!!

    Zcoleman | Latest reply: ac3mark Nov 30, 2016
    3 replies
  • How to add my photo to my power point acct.? Closed

    How do I get my picture added to my power point acct. page?

    Frebonne | Latest reply: Frebonne Nov 25, 2016
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  • How to register IDM Closed

    how to do the registration of IDM

    sahibzadaahsan | Latest reply: sahibzadaahsan Nov 25, 2016
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  • Microsoft Fix It Closed

    Hello, Windows Vista with Firefox browser: Problem started by trying tio use Toshiba usb 3.0 & 2.0 500Gig. This external drive functions on my (v...

    Willy1938 | Latest reply: xpcman Nov 25, 2016
    1 reply
  • Internet Download Manager Download Closed

    hi guys i need internet down load manager so how can i uploaded it ? can u help me

    shegawgetu | Latest reply: BunoCS Nov 25, 2016
    1 reply
  • adobe photoshop Closed

    how we can download adobe photo sop free?

    santosh100 | Latest reply: Mark_Wales Nov 24, 2016
    1 reply
  • Mrs Closed

    I want Internet Download Manager

    Nagamalleswr... | Latest reply: BunoCS Nov 21, 2016
    1 reply
  • Apk installation Closed

    How to install iTunes on my Kindle fire

    WhiteBoy1488 | Latest reply: WhiteBoy1488 Nov 20, 2016
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  • lumia 520 whatsapp Closed

    can i download it with my PC and later send and install into my phone

    NashTinz | Latest reply: Ambucias Nov 19, 2016
    1 reply
  • how to free download matlab Closed

    I need matlab software for my activities as student at university, i hope you can help me to download free matlab, please.

    Nurhadi123 | Latest reply: Ambucias Nov 18, 2016
    1 reply
  • Can't download Closed

    Why can't I download anything.

    phist-caspar | Latest reply: phist-caspar Nov 16, 2016
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  • network drivers Closed

    hi,i have problem downloading and installing ethernet controller and network controller to my PACKARD BELL EASYNOTE laptop.I cannot find the laptop mo...

    paddyre49 | Latest reply: KY_WD Nov 16, 2016
    1 reply
  • my appach sever is not working Closed

    please where can get the appche server and its usage?

    awolhassen | Latest reply: xpcman Nov 13, 2016
    1 reply
  • internet dowload manager not working properly Closed

    Hello, my idm always ask my serial key,what shall i do to get guaranteed idm? Configuration: Windows 7 / Firefox 50.0

    awolhassen | Latest reply: Ambucias Nov 13, 2016
    1 reply
  • site to download movies Closed

    i have been trying to download a certain movie, but i dont know a site to get the movie. its name is "for better or worst"

    fralda58 | Latest reply: fralda58 Nov 9, 2016
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  • mendley Closed

    how can I download mendley free software from internet?

    TeklitGrum | Latest reply: TeklitGrum Nov 8, 2016
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  • change of ownership ao need to change recent outlook Closed

    Change of ownership on this phone so I need to change recent outlook Microsoft account

    obvious | Latest reply: obvious Nov 6, 2016
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  • How to download pokemon rom for android Closed

    How to download pokemon rom for android and what is the like to download pokemon rom for android

    Hai | Latest reply: Hai Nov 4, 2016
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  • Download Closed

    How do you get a particular download when you can't access the down-loader on the page

    08104 | Latest reply: 08104 Nov 2, 2016
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  • Hello Gyes, Closed

    Good Evening to one and all. How do I go about downloading movies on your site?

    Pariel0611 | Latest reply: Ambucias Oct 29, 2016
    1 reply
  • application download Closed

    hi, is it possible to download items like application for my phone but instead use my laptop to download them

    Apanatambuam... | Latest reply: BunoCS Oct 26, 2016
    1 reply