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My windows xp is not recognising my headphones

My windows xp desktop will not recognize my headphones no matter what I do. I recently had to re-install windows, so I had to re-install all my driver...

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Usb ports

My USB ports which I have 3 are not working. I can't charge my home or use it on my computer to download photos or anything. I've tried all I can do i...

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Windows 10 system's bluetooth not recognized

My computer's operating system is win10 64bits. the Bluetooth got undiscoverable and does not discover any bluetooth device around. how to fix this p...

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Download logitech driver

i want to download logitech driver. please suggest me how to download

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Dvd recognised, but not files so wont play


Hi, I have an annoying issue with my Dell laptop. For some reason the DVD drive will accept that a DVD has been put in but will not play it. If I g...

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Video card replaced

Hello, 1 minute ago So i have an old pc with: Dual 2 duo e65500 Nvidia geforce 240 3gb ram Windows 7 One week ago i put my video card in an...

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Direct draw driver for hp win 7

Hello, please i need a directdraw driver for HP win 7

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Xerox 2400 scanner driver

Is there a driver available to get my scanner to work under windows 10 64 bit?

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Update firmware

How can I update the firmware in my modem ? It is a HT2000W.

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