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I want infermation for gprs setting in nokia

Hello, I want infermation for gprs setting in nokia 3110

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Any one can help free iphone theam for nokia

Hello, can u help to free download i phone theam for nokia 5800 //mahfuz

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Nokia 5800 fan

Nokia 5130

Hello, i have nokia 5130. i have problem in connecting my phone to pc suite.. i want driver to connect

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Nokia maps

Hello, i am having problems with my nokia maps software on the n96. maps is working but the voice navigation isnt. when i choose to update purchase o...

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Nokia help

Hello, i tried connecting my 5130 through bluetooth but it doesnt find it, then through cable but it says i needed the cd that came with it which i...

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Nokia 3110c

Hello, i cannot connect my nokia 3110c to pc to browse internet please tell to which version of pc suite software i have to download to connect to my...

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Data tranfer nokia n70 to nokia 5310

Hello, I have nokia n70 now it is lost fortunately i have backup of my contacts and other items in my pc in software pc suite now i bought a n...

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Nokia 5800

Hello, i have lost the installation CD for my Nokia 5800, and i have never installed it on my PC yet, is there anywhere i can do this or get a copy...

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Nokia3110 gprs setting

Hello, I want to know about gprs setting ,please give information how to do gprs setting on my nokia 3110 from loop mobile what is the process of g...

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Nokia n 73 registry problem,help

Hello, i am unable to install X-plore on my n73 mobile earlier it was installed but due to some problem my 2GB mini sd card has formatted . And...

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How can i connect nokia 3210classic to my lap

Hello, i would like to know how can i connect nokia 3210 classic to my laptop,pls tell me step by step

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Hello i want gprs settins for nokian72


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Unable 2transfere music from pc to nokia 5310

Hello, i have recently redown loaded my nokia music software onto another pc as advised by nokia rep. but cannot down load my nokia music from the p...

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Slow nokia5310

Hello, when i do any process the mobile is hang.....and then restart....i dnt knw whats prblm.....when i checked it .it was normal but nw from few da...

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Nokia pc suite in french

Hello, i've downloaded nokia ps suite from internet.. bt d language is french. cud u pls help me to convert it to english?

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Access livebox with nokia

Hello, I have just taken a Livebox and I want to access it with my Nokia N series mobile phone through wireless connection. Can someone tell me wha...

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My nokia 3600 phone's messages. :(

Hello, i have a problem with my nokia 3600 .. whenever somebody's sending me a message its like this. take a look! :( original text message from my ...

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Connecting my nokia phone to my pc

Hello, I had to do a recovery procedure on my pc a while ago and wondered if that had anything to do with problems connecting my phone to my pc. Aft...

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Trnsfer all nokian70 masseges in laptop

Hello, how can i install or trancsfr my all nokia n70 masseges in my laptop regards, somia

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I have a clon nokia n95 chinise i need de cd

Hello, i have a clon the nokia n95 i need the cd instalation software please i need yhe program

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