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Abt sound

Hello, mi pc was making unnecessary sound while it was started

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Dual boot probs

Hello, Im running a :- Packard Bell i-power X8640, Vista home premium. NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GS (x2), Asus nVidia nForce 650i SLI Vegas 2 Motherboard ...

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Need help

Hi, I am currently adding an addin(in C#) to outlook. what should i do inorder to do some process when an inbox item is clicked. Am i supposed ...

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Difference between a bit and a byte?


Hello, Where's the difference between a bit and a byte?

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Video with java

Hello, Just a simple question, i don't really like asking for code or anything, but like a lot of people i'm stuck. I have a friend who wants to ...

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Acer travelmate video driver

Can someone indicate me which driver an acer travelmate 2480 requires for its best video performance?

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Problem with include on windows nt server

Hello, im on a windows NT server, and somehow, when i use the include methode include('../functions.php'); it doesn't find the functions.php pa...

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Html problem

Hello, Hello can someone give the command to insert a calender on my website? SKEWkus

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File not open for output(pascal)


Hello, guys, I have a problem in my program, when I try to run this program I heva the 'erro:file not open for output' I cant uderstand why ,cuz, I gu...

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New at python. anyone got any good sites?

anyone got any good sites for someone who is first starting in python?

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Hello, how does hyperthreading increase computing speed and number crunching?

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Need rabin crypotosystem resource (c/c++)

SOS I need Rabin Crypotosystem Resource (C/C++).Who can help me ?Thanks very much!

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Tracert command in c + +

Hi Cuckoo, I would like to know some of the recommendations TRACERT command in C +

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What happens to '0'???


Hello, I have been wondering for a long time about the return statement in the c-programming. Now consider the following code.... int main() { ...

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How to creat visualbasic code

Hello, I am having problems to create visual basic code that can work with my sql data base,so my question is how can i create a visual basic co...

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Hello, I am new to 2005and i need some basic codes to work with. Thank you

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Php commenting wall

Hello, I am trying to find the simplest way to include a PHP commenting feature into my XHTML website. I want to find the easiest way to have a basic...

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Help with access

Hey! I was wondering if anyone knew a simple way to switch between back end databases using a combo box on a main startup form. Each user works ...

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Hello, I have a datagridview with 3 rows and 3 columns ,and i want to select a cell in this datagridview ,and save the previous selection . help m...

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Curious about a program

Hi there, i've recently seen a program named fast link checker.. can anyone tell me about its use? Does it work like one of those programs for msn ...

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Javascript form

Hi! I’m having some trouble with a newsletter sign-up form on a web site I’m working on. It seems that the form shows up on my computer which ha...

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Html table driving me crazy

Hello everyone, html table is driving me crazy, what i want to do, is to have the table to fit the screen and also i want my links to be on the lef...

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Html links

Hey, I'm in the process of creating a new website. What I want to do is have many external files for my post (if you think of it like a blog I would...

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Forum help

Hi! I just built an HTML web site and I would like to add a forum. I don't want to add one that is premade however. The only languages I want t...

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Program that runs a file

Anyone know how I can make a program that searches for a file and then opens it, well I have the code to search so just need the bit that runs it, I s...

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Video streaming


Hi! I have a very simple question: how do I stream videos on my site? Thank you.

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