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Problem with visual foxpro 9

Some days ago, I suddenly stumbled on a complicated trouble with .dbf in application, which is known Visual FoxPro 9. Now I’m lack of ideas how to qui...

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Excel vba - change cell color based on value


Hello, I've searched for examples and tried many different things, but it's just not working. This is a personal project I'm working on and would...

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Open a file with spaces from batch file?


Hello, I have made a batch file that will ask you what file name you want to open and what directory it's in. The only problem is that I can't open ...

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How to take programming skills from students to pro level


Hello everyone, this question is a bit different than casual programming questions so I hope I didn't disturb somebody's peace :) I'm a studen...

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Where is the wrench icon

where is the wrench icon and how can I restore my toolbar

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Open .mdf files


Hello, I am using MS SQL and have logs that are in .mdf and .ldf format. It took us a while but we figured out how to get our new settings correc...

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C graphics circle movement


Hey guys I need help in C programming Im trying to make program with a circle inside few tiny circle move from one end to other I have created circ...

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Point of sale system to generate the reports

Dear Team, I am not able to log in my POS system to generate the reports. It is showing Invalid Username andpassword.Kindly help ASAP. Warm Rega...

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Board categorization

Hello, i have a problem about my board.i hav made some categorization on my wall like design,cafe,kiosk,house and kinderland now i see nothing on my...

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Php - linking mysql tables and counting results


Ok I give up ... again. Once again I call out for your help and offer 2 virtual beers for the solver of this really easy sounding problem. Ok I hav...

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I need to reactivate my roku

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Unexpected "<" error in php

Hello, I just started learning php and I was doing form handling. I got this this error on xampp server when I tried to run my code. The error was :...

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Auto generate and name worksheets from a list


Hello, How can I automatically create and name worksheets in a workbook based on a list that exists in another sheet "Summary" in the workbook? The...

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Forged my hotmail password


Hello, I forged my hotmai password pls help me Thank u System Configuration: Android / Android Browser 4.0

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Pop reminder in excel 2013

HI, Kindly assist me with code for pop/reminder message in excel. For example a reminder of due date Obwoge

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Android - navigation project

Hello, Am making a college project related navigation and i want to see like google map can anyone help me please???? Project is almost ready but ...

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One of .mdb files doesn’t work

As I know Microsoft Access 2010 is quite simple, but some days ago it viewed - This database is in an unrecognized format. Second opening the database...

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Help on error 1004

Excel Hello, When I run the following code, I keep getting an error: Run-time error '1004': Application-defined or object-defined error. This is o...

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Undo function in java


Hello, I am new to programmming and we are asked by our professor to make a simple virtual machine. So i am working with the ide and I am stuck in the...

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Programming where to start?

I really want to know programming but i don't where to start?

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Display image on picturebox using the image path stored on db


Hello, when I run a select query I wan the the picture box on the form to display image of the File path stored in the database table. please I need...

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Vba find function


Hello, I am writing a macro to find text in the worksheet using the "Find" function. Entering the text in the "Find what" enter box is of course eas...

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Rounded rectangle

Hello, how to draw rounded rectangle in c System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 54.0.2840.71

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Problem in php program execution

Hello, I am facing a peculiar problem. I have a program for listing out certain commercial order transactions. When I run it on my local host server...

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Error with opencv to measure depth.

Hi everybody ! I'm studying in highschool in France (be indulgent for my english). And I need for a project to measure depth. I can use single or twi...

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Dbase program stopped working


hello to all, I have huge issue with my dBase IV. My .dbf file not to open and don't know any reason why... I tried to open it via another version of...

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Vba code to find contains text from one sheet to other

Hello, Can anyone help me on this?.. Here is my requirement I have Name column in sheet 1 and sheet 2.. i Need to find each name from sheet 2 to s...

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Web developer


how to web development?

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I used the below command to view the tables, but I need the command to see each individual table to see how they are build each; SQL> Select table_...

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First time

hi guys. just started learning programming and am so happy but i need your help like alot send me links of where i can get videos on how to write code...

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Play a sound when index changes

I upload every 1 minute my index.html to an ftp. Sometimes the index stays the same, sometimes it is changes a little. I am looking for a way to play ...

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Required: mysql 4 >= 4.0 is required

hi Team am having a problem installing my application in php for chatting with my customers but the thing is every time i get in to a step of data...

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Command not working in .bat file


Hello, I am developing a JSF application. I need to make batch file for that. So that when the user clicks on it, it automatically starts the g...

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C++ software

Where can I find C++ software download for my laptop

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How to program in python

how to program in python thanks.

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Modification d'un mod menu gsc (texte et background)


Bonjour tout le monde je vien sur se forum pour me faire aider a modifier un mod menu (couleurs) pas très connu j'aimerais que le background soit en n...

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Help getting tablet to work have google,email,facebook etc.

set up (start)proscan tablet manual is no good for me need step by step

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Logic game weaver's island using c programming


Hello everyone, I'm currently studying computer engineering and about to finish my first semester, anyway, my teacher for C is terrible and has no id...

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How to write graphic in c free?


Hello! Please tell me how to write graphic in C free! Thank you!!

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How to start programming

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Change cell colour based on another cells result

Hello, I am writing a programme in excel for tracking what jobs are running over the antipated delivery date, therefore I am looking for help on how...

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Cant play old home movies on a dvd rw on my pc or dvd player

Hi, Some years ago I used a pinnacle editor to copy old home movies from VHS tape to DVD RW discs. I cant get them to play on my pc or dvd player wit...

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My fb account opening help me


Dear sir My FB account opening help me. My FB id: MUSTAFIZUR RAHMAN MINTU, Mail id : deleted by Thank you MUSTAFIZUR RAHMAN...

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Getting started programming

Hello, i need some guidance on how to get started on programming? Are their any free programs i can download and use offline with my windows computer?...

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Excel spreadsheet/vba question

I have a spreadsheet that I need to add some vba code to (My VBA is Okay but I can't figure this out). In short the spreadsheet has text values in ...

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Dynamic connection between sql server and,windows authen

Hello, i have a problem with windows authentication than how i establish connection dynamically Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 49.0.2623.1...

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Html form can't send email

¡Hi! I'm new here and I'm learning how to programming in HTML , so I'm doing a web page and i have a problem the form can't send the data at my email...

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Excel vba taking data from master, create sheets, transfer data

Hello, I am working on an excel project for a college. When recording marks they have a master worksheet with the entire roster of students with ...

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Arduino uno

Dear Sir/ Madam We requires your help We are using Arduino UNO for our project and programm is created using Arduino 1.6.7 software, But we are un...

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How to connect to database in

Hi Sir, I want to learnd . that how to connect to database in please tell me easily step by step Thanks, Sandeep

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