Pokémon GO device requirements

Pokémon GO device requirements

If Pokémon GO is available in your country but you are having trouble downloading the application, it is highly likely that your phone is not (yet) compatible with the game.

What are the Pokémon GO device requirements?

On a very basic level, Pokémon GO requires a good internet connection (preferably WiFi or 4G/LTE with a data package) and an active GPS system. It is also recommended that your device have at least 2 GB of RAM for smooth and uninterrupted use.

Pokémon GO is compatible with any Android device running version 6.0 or later as well as iPhone devices running iOS 12.0 or later.

Does your device support Pokémon GO?

If your device fulfills the above system requirements, a very easy way of finding out if your specific device can play Pokémon GO is by downloading it from your respective App Store. 

What is the duration of a Pokémon GO ban?

You should keep in mind that if you get a soft ban, you won't be able to play for around 12 hours. Also, you can't accumulate bans eternally - the third ban is permanent.

What is the best Pokémon GO device?

1. Pokémon GO Plus: very handful, it will allow you to play Pokémon GO without having to touch your phone. You can wear it around your wrist or clip it onto any item.

2. Go-tcha: although its battery is less robust than the one of Pokémon GO Plus, you won't need to press any button - the device will perform all the actions when you are within the range of a Pokémon.

3. Go-tcha Ranger: an improved version of Go-tcha, the battery of this device will allow you to go for months. It also has a compass and a LED torch.

4. Poké Ball Plus: this device comes with a better battery and authentic design - which makes it perfect to play Pokémon GO (although it was originally made for Pokémon: Let's go). However, wearing it around your wrist seems less comfortable, plus, it's quite pricey.

5. Go-tcha Evolve: even though it's bigger than the original model, you can still wear it around your wrist. In addition, you can track your steps and you get a full-color screen, which is also a very nice improvement!

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