What is Apple TV and how does it work?

What is Apple TV and how does it work?

Apple has several products with the name of Apple TV, such as Apple TV 4K, Apple TV HD, Apple TV+ and the Apple TV app. This article will explore what each of these products offers, the prices, key features and more.

What is Apple TV?

Starting with Apple TV, a streaming box, similar to that of Amazon Fire TV and Roku. This is the device that you plug into your TV and turn it into a smart TV (if it isn't already). With the Apple TV box you can watch content from streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and Disney+. The Apple TV box allows you to easily manage all of your streaming subscriptions from one dedicated platform. 

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How much does Apple TV cost?

There are currently two versions of the Apple TV: Apple TV 4K, and Apple TV HD. The two main differences between these two devices is the Apple TV 4K's ability to play 4K content and the price, with the 4K version costing $179 and Apple TV HD $149. 

What are the Apple TV features?

The Apple TV 4K comes with 3GB RAM and 32 or 64GB internal storage capacity. It features Apple's A12 processor. As for the Siri Remote, it allows a bluetooth connection and has a rechargeable battery with an autonomy of several months. The Apple TV HD version had 1080p quality video, 32GB of internal storage, and Apple's A8 64bit processor. 

What is Apple TV+?

This is Apple's own streaming platform that exclusively has shows that are made by Apple, such as Ted Lasso, For All Mankind, and the recent documentary: Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me. It has a limited content library in comparison with other streaming platforms, however it has nonetheless attracted millions of users with their award winning, original programming. 

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How much does Apple TV+ cost?

A subscription to Apple TV+ is $7/month. There is a three month trial period upon the purchase of an Apple device (iPhone, MacBook etc). In comparison a Disney++  subscription costs $8/month, Hulu costs $7/month (30 day trial) and Netflix costs $10/month. 

How to get Apple TV+ for free?

Currently there is a two month offer of Apple TV+ for free as part of the promotion of Selena Gomez' documentary. Without this offer, Apple offers a 7 day free trial (if you do not have the 3 month trial included with a recent Apple purchase).

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