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I bought a new Apple iphone and I would like to know how can I program myself, I mean putting files (songs, videos, etc..) into iphone. Please anybody help me. I tried a lot with my PC (wimdows XP), doesnt work.
like if I connect me iphone to PC, nothing shows, Please tell me anybody the proceedure ..

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Can you transfer a word document to the iphone and attach that file to an email to send?
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Thanks CopyTrans Manager is awesome!
Hi evryone!
Can anybody tell me how can I get excel in my iphone 4? Thanks.
Hey, the easiest way to put song and video without iTunes (and for free), is to use CopyTrans Manager:
Awsome software thanks for you
i would like to no how to download music to my china version iphone from itunes

I had the same issue when I first got my iPhone - wanting to know what files are on it, where they are and how I could change things about in it's file structure. It's dead easy really, once you know how.

Download "Diskaid", a freeware iPhone file manager that'll show you everything you need to know, like Finder on a Mac or Windows Explorer, and that also allows you to copy files on to the Phone or on to your Mac or pc from the iPhone. Just google for it and you'll find it comes for both PC and Mac,

good luck, but beware about deleting stuff or changing too much in the Phone's file system, because it can mess it up badly, to the point of having to restore in iTunes,

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thank u man
u realy helped me

now I can cheat on the exam ;)
i put files on my iPod through DiskAid but I dont know how to access them. Can you help?
you need the app IFile to read pdf and word files
located at
/private/var/mobile/Media/DCIM/DiskAid/Start Here/
on your ipod or iphone
This is awesome,
i am using DiskAid on my laptop and FileAid on my jailbroken iPhone(3GS 3.0.1). has worked great for transfering, .docx, .xlsx, .pdf, .txt, .bmp, .zip, .exe, .jpg or whatever I want to store on my iPhone. FileAid is free in the app store, but DiskAid will cost you about 10 bucks.
Get rid of Windows XP and IE7, those are your main problems. Go Windows 7 or Mac and use IE8, FF or Safari.

CopyTrans works great.
for windows use iphone pc suite. its in chinese but once you click on the tab on the left with the folder it will show you all the files on your ipod/iphone in english. its pretty easy to use and its perfect if your ipod is jailbroken. hopefully this helps :)
hi,how can I transfer my files/documents from my pc,window xp home to my apple iphone 3gs without wifi.
Thank You.
Arbab Fawad.
For the music, you can download music from the internet or anyplace you can get music from. The files need to be in MP3 or MP4 format. Copy the MP3 or MP4 files from where they are located and Open your I tunes library and paste the music there.
use net portal - best out.
Go to, go to downloads and support, download itunes, put music on and sync iphone.
iTunes, iTunes, iTunes
all u really have to do is send the pdf file to your email open email on your phone and download the file
I e-mailed myself a excel file and I could open it through my e-mail but I did not see how I could download it to the phone for later use? Can anyone help?
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If you want to edit an Excel file on the iPhone you can use this app:

Mariner Calc for iPhone 2.0. Formally announced in the App Store in September 2009 and with more than two years of total development, Mariner Calc takes using a spreadsheet on your iPhone to a whole new level. Significant in this latest version is the system-wide cut, copy and paste as well as the ablility to email (outgoing) files. All of the new features in Mariner Calc 2.0 have been tested and function on the iPhone 3.0 and 3.1 operating system.

Whether an enterprise, small business or home user in need of access to Excel files on an iPhone or iPod Touch, Mariner Calc is the perfect solution. View and edit native Excel® files - .xls Excel 97 and higher, supports multiple sheets and wirelessly transfers files. Mariner Calc for iPhone includes 24 math functions, 18 finance functions, 17 trig functions, 13 statistics functions, 14 lookup functions plus logic, date, text and info functions - and more. It also supports splitting panes and freezing, as well as creating borders and changing fonts, colors and alignment. Landscape and portrait views are both available.

Buy it today for only $4.99 in the App Store.
What a helpful response !!!
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You need to download iTunes. Apple uses iTunes to interface the PC to your iPhone.
OK use Itunes (Download the latest one) Then it should work or if you have Itunes Uninstal it and reinstal it if you want more help please email me at Email Id removed for security
can someone tell me if any of those software apps mentioned is able to change the file type when it transfers the files to the iPhone. My iTunes music files on my computer are all high quality and large file-size WAVs and want to convert them to mp3 when I put them on the iPhone....
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