WD elements 1tb SE portable Hard Drive [Closed]

Ask a question Upset Fellow - Last answered on Nov 29, 2011 at 03:14 PM by xpcman
My wd portable hard drive elements 1tb SE isn't being recognized by the computer. It doesnt display in the My Computer window and i have no access of it at all. In the device manager it displays under " Disk Drives" and says working normally but doesnt appear in Disk Management. The light stays on and doesnt blink. I have tried it on other PCs and with other cords but doesnt help. I am using Windows 7. Guys please help me out here!!

plus moins
This sounds like either the hard drive has failed or the USB/HD interface hardware has failed. Is it possible for you to remove the drive from the case and install it in a desktop computer?

Good Luck

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