I've spilled water on my laptops keyboard [Closed]

Ask a question Ali - Last answered on Jan 1, 2015 at 01:22 PM by xpcman
Last night I accidentally spilt water on my Windows 7 laptop. Almost all of the water went on my laptops keyboard and now when I press certain numbers or letters, two characters will appear. For example when I press "6", "6f" will appear or when I press "8", "8n" will appear. I've looked up loads of sites and tried every suggested solution but none have worked. Also when I press "a", instead of actually typing the letter, "Help for Internet Explorer" will pop up on my screen. I'm really confused and frustrated so it would be great if someone could finally help me fix this.
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It will not work correctly until the keyboard drys out and even then it might never work. You could try a blow dryer, at low to medium setting, to help it dry.

Good luck

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