How do I type the @ on a British keyboard?

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I have bought my brother a computer here in the USA and now I have set it up for the UK.....Doing all the nice things on the computer for him...... I am trying to type his email into the computer and I am unable to type the @....On the US keyboard it is shift @....Can anyone help ?

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You need to go on control panel and on regional settings and change the type of keyboard.
On Windows 10 it's under Control panel / Time and Language / Region and language

You can also switch by hitting simultaneously Alt + Shift combination.
Thank you

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yay thanks it worked for me too mine was doing different stuff.
thanks very much it worked
In Windows 10 it's under Control panel>Time and Language>Region and language
Perfect...especially the alt shift tip. Too easy. That's the kind of 'help' message I most appreciate :)