Fan stopped working? I think...? [Solved/Closed]

Ask a question Lucky - Last answered on Jun 13, 2016 at 08:10 AM by Computertech
I was playing with my old Windows 7 DeLL Computer (Running Windows 10) and playing a game. The fan (I think it was) made a weird "Shoooowp" noise and stopped.

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Please take expanded screenshots and only use the method below to attach them.

Download Speedfan and install it. Once it's installed, run the program and post here the information it shows. The information I want you to post is the stuff that is circled in the example picture I have attached.
If you are running on a vista machine, please go to where you installed the program and run the program as administrator.

(this is a screenshot from a vista machine)

Download then run HWMonitor and post a screenshot so that we have a comparison to the Speedfan results, details from here.

Click on the ALT key + PRT SCR key..its on the top row..right hand click on start...all programs...accessories...paint....left click in the white area CTRL + on on it to your it something related to the screen your capturing...

To attach image press reply option and select mountain button at the top of the reply.

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