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I have a problem with ntvdm.exe running on my pc. I run windows xp and when I leave the computer running for a while ntvdm.exe starts and takes up 100% of the cpu usage. It takes a while to end the process in task manager but when I have ended the process it will be fine for an hour or so and then it starts again. Please help as it is affecting other programs as I use my pc for work. Thanks.

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Dear peakyblinder,

NTVDM is a 16 bit win~1 application. Just follow this.

- Go to c:\window
- Delete winhelp.exe and winhlp32.exe on Safe Mode.
- Restart the system.

Hope 100% valuable.
Thank you

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When i'am trying to delete c:\windows\winhelp.exe and c:\windows\winhlp32 files, it is showing message like "you require permission from trustedInstaller to make changes to this file" . How I can resolve this problem?.
great ! TAMEDOS solved also my problem
I love you man
When I start my dos (dbase) program so then there were massage alert that (NTVDM.EXE HAS STOPPED WORKING).
So please tell me what the solution of this problem.
NTVDM.EXE is the virtual DOS "window". It runs when a DOS program is running. It sometimes uses huge amounts of CPU when it is waiting for response. If you are opening the program with a shortcut, go to the shortcut properties, then to "misc" and check the "always suspend" and set the idle sensitiviy to "High" This should stop the resource hog when in the background. (sourced from Jeery Greg @ Annoyances .org
To solve the ntvdm.exe problem to use cpu 100%:-

1. go to start menu then select run command
2. in run command type "msconfig" then press enter
3. then select "start up" and press ok to apply it.
4. then re-start your computer.

I hope your cpu use 5 will decreases and your computer will run smoothly.
DO NOT FORMAT! "Ntvdm.exe" is a true windows 16-bit application helper. Search the file name using Google. It is possible that you have 16-bit virus running in the background though.

After a fresh windows xp install, I unfortunately installed "Vista Icon Pack 3.0". Before that every thing was right. after this, my computer went terribly slow, especially in start up.

after watching task Manager, I found that all my cpu performance is taken by ntvdm.exe application. I clicked "end process" and after that everything ran very very fine and CPU went from 100% to 4%.

For me, ntvdm.exe does not start automatically, but with this, my computer gets tooooooooooooo slow. If its not a virus then may be more dangerous than a virus, because it effects the PC performance more than a virus could do.
erm....................i worse than you....i deleted the ntvdm.exe app =.=
hey...i too facing with the same sort of problem. But not got any remedy for that to reduce CPU usage from 100%.
For such(Borland C or Turbo C) a kind of application,the CPU usage must not go beyong 5-10%,isn't it? . The processor has been used as if I am running a 3D game or Adobe application.
If u got ur preoblem fixed,please mail me the remedy to me to Email Id removed for security
i have a problem with the ntvdm.exe .it makes my computer slow.i have seen your answer for the same kind of question ,you suggested to format the system.But I dont want to do that.is there any other way delete that virus
manually.(my anti virus is not detecting).
NTVDM is a 16 bit win~1 application. Just follow this.

- Go to c:\window
- Delete winhelp.exe and winhlp32.exe on Safe Mode.
- Restart the system.

Hope 100% valuable.
Very good topa...muy bueno lo suyo....under windows 2000 works too....
my dos basha program not runig this file error.

Oh my god, it looks like a virus because you closed it down but it opened up one hour later without asking you... I recommend you to reformat your pc and put better anti virus programs and update them the more often possible!!

Good luck!!