Computer turning on but no signal to monitor or tv (1 beep)

Ask a question Xannera - Last answered on Oct 14, 2016 at 04:17 AM by R2D2_WD

My computer is turning on them beeping 1 time (short)
It is not sending a signal to the monitor

1. I plugged in to an hp monitor no signal (monitor works)
2. Tried hdmi to my tv no signal
3. Tried different monitor with different cable (no signal)
Removed CMOS battery lightly rubbed to clean and put back in still no signal
4. Removed and cleaned ram and component on motherboard still no signal
5. Placed ram in different slots, no signal
Computer continues to beep 1 time shortly at start
I am currently stumped and could use some help getting my computer to send a monitor signal

plus moins
Hi Xannera,

You have done good job trying to resolve the issue. That short beep is different from the normal post code, right? Is it a bit longer? If not, and you suspect that it could be the post code, the problem may be related to the video card. Are you using a dedicated one? Please remove all, but one stick of RAM. Keep the PSU cables only on the motherboard and the video (if you have one). Try to boot. Does the same sound appear?

Hope this helps

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