WhatsApp backups are secretly using up all of your Google storage space !

WhatsApp backups are secretly using up all of your Google storage space !

If you are an Android user, and are used to backing up your WhatsApp conversations with Google Drive, you will want to take note of these upcoming changes to your Google account's storage settings. 

In 2018, WhatsApp and Google introduced a feature that allowed users to safeguard their WhatsApp chat history on Drive without it having an impact on their storage quota. However, starting in December 2023 with Beta users, WhatsApp backups to the Drive will also contribute to your Google account's cloud storage allocation. This update has yet to impact regular users, however this new policy will gradually reach all Android devices in 2024. 

Whilst your standard Google account boasts 15GB of complimentary cloud storage, which is shared between Gmail, Drive and Photos, you will need to be wary of your data consumption. Google highlights this allocation as "three times more than most mobile platforms," with Apple's iCloud, for instance, providing a mere 5GB of free space. Despite the seemingly generous offer, surpassing the 15GB limit is relatively easy, particularly if you regularly backup photos and videos. 

In an effort to help users efficiently manage their storage options, Google has provided links to various storage management tools. These tools will help you to delete redundant large files, or unnecessary photos that may be taking up space. Additionally, WhatsApp has begun to offer an option to delete items directly from the app, this prevents them from being included in subsequent backups. If you are seeking additional storage, Google One is a possible solution. It starts at a cost of $2 per month for 100GB. This addresses immediate storage concerns and provides users with a secure platform for their digital content. 

It is important to note that this storage update exclusively affects users that are using their personal Google accounts for WhatsApp chat history backups. If you have a Workspace account through work or another organisation, you don't need to worry just yet about WhatsApp encroaching on your cloud storage allotment. 

If you are looking to increase your Android cloud storage, there are a few methods that allow you to do so. Besides the Google One subscription that we have already mentioned, it is a good idea to regularly clear unused data from your Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos. You can also purchase additional Google Drive storage through Google Drive. If you don't want to pay, then you can explore options from Dropbox, OneDrive, or Box, which typically offer some free storage options. Additionally, you can remove unnecessary apps and local copies of files to free up space.