Tired of WhatsApp's green interface? You'll soon be able to customize the app's colors!

Tired of WhatsApp's green interface? You'll soon be able to customize the app's colors!

If you're not a fan of the omnipresent green in WhatsApp, good news is on the way. The instant messaging platform will soon allow you to customize its interface with a choice of five colors, a practical feature to tailor the app to your preferences!

WhatsApp stands as one of the most popular messaging apps, owing to its efficient interface, robust security (with end-to-end encryption), and a myriad of constantly evolving features. However, it has lagged behind in one aspect compared to its competitors: customization. Currently, users have limited options to modify the messaging app's interface, only able to choose between dark or light mode and replace chat backgrounds with an image or photo. In short, there's no way to change the colors of bubbles, icons, or tab bars. It's not surprising that some users turn to third-party apps for more flexibility and freedom.

But change is in the air! Last October, the instant messaging platform was working on a new interface, seen in a beta version of the app, featuring new colors and icons. The update brought a touch of modernity to the app's interface with redesigned icons, modified colors, relocated buttons, and even filters for conversations. Notably, it introduced a new shade of green.

However, not everyone was pleased with this new color! If you share the sentiment or are simply averse to green, here's good news for you. It seems that Meta, the parent company of the instant messaging service, is working to give you more customization options. WABetaInfo discovered in a recent beta – an unfinished test version – a new theme customization feature intended for public release in an upcoming update! According to their findings, you will soon be able to choose from five different main colors for WhatsApp: green, blue, black (or white in dark mode), pink, and purple.

By incorporating customization features, WhatsApp not only addresses the critics of the new interface but also aligns with the general trend among instant messaging platforms to give users more control over the app's appearance. This is especially beneficial for people with visual impairments or those who require specific colors for enhanced personal visual comfort. Undoubtedly, the ability to change the main theme color will make the app significantly more user-friendly and comfortable!

This new feature is still under development, but it should be available for everyone on both iOS and Android in an upcoming update. It's worth noting that certain elements in the latest beta version of the app suggest to our colleagues that Meta might intend to further expand this customization feature by allowing users to change the color of message bubbles. Even better!