Instagram finally allows you to download Reels, although there's a catch !

Instagram finally allows you to download Reels, although there's a catch !

Instagram has finally answered the calls of its users by introducing the ability to download Reels, a feature that was long overdue.

Meta began testing this function in June of last year, and it has now finally been rolled out globally. With this move, it aligns Instagram Reels with TikTok who already had this feature. One benefit of not being the first platform to offer downloads, Instagram was able to draw inspiration, and learn from some of TikTok''s drawbacks. 

As soon as the testing the phase for the Reels download feature began in June, many users who already had experience with TikTok and this similar feature were eagerly awaiting its release on Instagram. This was a feature that has been included in the TikTok package for a while. Over six months since the testing phase, all users can now download Reels and save them to their devices

If you want to use the feature yourself, the procedure is very simply. You just need to click on the Share button and select the Download option. It is as easy as that! Although you may find yourself in a situation where you are unable to download a Reel, and this is because creators have been given the option to disable downloads of their Reels. If a creator decides to do this, then you will simply not see the Download option on your device. If you are a creator, or just want to prevent your Reels from being downloaded, go into your Settings and then Privacy > Sharing and Remix and then unselect the relevant option. 

Whilst many Instagram users will be celebrating the introduction of this feature, it does come with some limitations and drawbacks. Instagram has taken the decision to include a watermark featuring the creator's username on any downloaded content. This is arguably a good thing as it protects the creator's content from being copied and shared without their consent, but it can result in a slight loss of video quality. 

The other main drawback to Reels, which is considerably more restrictive, is that a large amount of Reels include copyrighted music, as such, some Reels cannot be downloaded with sound. This won't apply to Reels that don't have music, and just the original sound, but if the creator has added music, then you will be downloading a silent video. This does somewhat limit the appeal of downloading certain types of Reels if the music is no longer there, for example a dancing tutorial wouldn't be as good without music. 

Despite these limitations, users will nonetheless appreciate the ease of being able to directly download Reels from Instagram without requiring the use of a third-party application.