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    June 2022

    29 June
    • WhatsApp vs Telegram: users, features, privacy

      Both WhatsApp and Telegram share several features: they are rapidly evolving applications. WhatsApp has the most users worldwide, but its rival Telegram is increasingly popular and many people prefer it, why? What are the differences between WhatsApp and Telegram? We'll fill you in below.

    20 June
    16 June
    15 June
    • Apps against abuse and violence

      During the Covid-19 pandemic, domestic violence cases rose sharply as many people were confined in a home with their abusers. Despite the measures being lifted, abuse victims can still find themselves confined with their abuser. In this article we have selected some important 'anti-abuse' apps and helplines, for those who have bravely decided to say 'enough'! And ask for help.