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    January 2022

    31 January
    • Winter Olympics 2022: schedule, sports, where to watch

      After what seemed like a long wait for Tokyo 2020, the Beijing 2022 Winter Oympics are already here. In this article we will show you everything you need to know about Beijing 2022, from the Opening Ceremony to how to watch the Winter games online for free.

    • Add or remove the progress bar in PowerPoint

      Added visual components, such as a progress bar, can make your PowerPoint presentations much more appealing to viewers. A progress bar will show the status of the current slide in relation to the total number of slides in a presentation. Inserting a progress bar must be done via macro. This article will explain you how to do.

    • Tokyo Olympics: watch online, live, free

      After the postponement of many major sporting events in 2020, the summer of 2021 was full of sport! Beginning with the 2020 European Football Championships, Wimbledon and the 2021 Tour de France, three events that finished before the 2020 Olympics started in July, and finished with the Tokyo Paralympics which ran from August into September. This article will show you the Olympics start date, how to watch the 2020 Tokyo Olympics for free and the rough outline of the Olympic schedule.

    • How to change page unit in Adobe Reader DC

      Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is a multifunctional software that allows you to work with PDF documents. The program is customizable and you can configure different settings as you wish to make your work process more pleasant and simple. One of the settings is that you can change page measurement units to different ones: for example centimeters to inches or vice versa. Read on to discover how to do it.

    • Why is word showing dots instead of spaces

      Is your Word document displaying dots instead of spaces? This is actually a fairly common formatting issue can than be resolved quickly if you follow the steps outlined below.

    28 January
    • How to see incognito history: Android, Mac, Windows

      Chrome's Incognito Mode allows you to surf the web without leaving a trace, so that you may browse privately. However, this theoretically implies that there's no record, or history, of your search history. Luckily there are still some ways to find your history. Below we explain how to in greater detail of how you can see your incognito on Chrome on Android, Mac and Windows devices.

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    20 January
    • What are Seeders and Leechers?

      If you often frequent P2P or FTP download websites, you may have come across the terms seeders and leechers. This tutorial will explain to you what these terms mean and when they are used.

    • How to improve uTorrent download speed?

      Despite being one of the most used torrent programs with users across the world, uTorrent is not without its flaws and is sometimes not as efficient as we would like. Fortunately, a few minor adjustments to the program's settings should suffice to get your downloads up to speed.

    19 January
    • How to make money on OnlyFans: as a woman, as a male

      OnlyFans is a social media platform that allows content creators to monetize their content by sharing it with members who pay a monthly subscription fee. The most common content on the site is NSFW, however this is not a requirement, there are also many users who produce SFW content, similar to that which can be found on Patreon. This article will look at how much money you could potentially make, and the best ways to make money with an OnlyFans account.

    • What is OnlyFans and how does OnlyFans work?

      Launched in 2016, OnlyFans is a social media platform, similar to Patreon, that allows influencers and creators to monetize their content by sharing it with other users who pay a monthly subscription fee. The main difference between Patreon and OnlyFans is that OnlyFans allows for NSFW and adult content.

    • How to get a Clubhouse invite code: free, for Android, iOS

      Clubhouse is a social network that focuses on drop-in audio conversations, and is currently in its early beta stage. If you want to join Clubhouse, you need an invitation. At the moment, there are two ways of getting an invitation, either join the Clubhouse waitlist, or ask an existing user for an invitation. This article will show you how to get a Clubhouse invite. Clubhouse is now available on both Android and iOS so this should work for both.

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    14 January
    • Insert picture in Excel: cell, shortcut, using formula

      Macros in Excel can perform functions like inserting pictures, copying data from one cell to another, etc. In order to write an effective macro to insert images in excel, you will need to use a loop. This FAQ will walk you through the steps to applying this macro to your spreadsheet in order to have pictures appear.

    • How to show or hide formula bar in Excel: VBA, shortcut

      Microsoft Excel allows you to control the program display in various ways, including complete personalisation of the top ribbon. If you're finding the large top ribbon to be troublesome, we'll show you an easy way to create some more space on your computer screen.

    • How to automatically transfer data between sheets in Excel

      If you are using Excel and would like to automatically transfer data from a master sheet to specified sub sheets when a certain condition is met, this article will explain how to use VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) to do so. This example will demonstrate how to automatically transfer multiple columns in one sheet to another when the value in one of the fields is "Yes". The value of the conditional field can be changed as required.

    • Repeat rows in Excel: based on cell value, VBA

      Rows in an Excel worksheet can be repeated a specified number of times with user-defined functions. The Selection.insert command can be used to insert rows in an Excel sheet and there is no need to write the code from scratch as code snippets are freely available for use in worksheets. However, one must ensure that the user-defined function or subroutine to repeat rows a specified number of times is inserted in the right place.

    • How to use Excel color cell if formula

      Excel allows defined functions to be executed in Worksheets by a user. Instead of a formula based on the color of a cell, it is better to write a function that can detect the color of the cell and manipulate the data accordingly. Some knowledge of programming concepts such as if-else conditions and looping may be useful to write user defined functions. To write a function to determine the color of a cell, the interior color object can be used.

    • What is the VBA code to select last sheet in workbook

      It is possible to select the last sheet of the workbook in Microsoft Excel even if you do not remember the sheet name, or if you don't want the selection to be reliant on the sheet name, and adapt to any changes to the sheets. Here is how you can do it.

    • How to count names in Excel: formula, using COUNTIF

      For users who are struggling with handling Microsoft Excel when trying to copy the same name multiple times without making it confusing, a simple procedure needs to be followed in order to count a list of names. A list of names in a report may be generated, where the same name appears multiple times. With column 'A' having a list of names, where the same name is repeated, and the user desires to display all the names in column 'B', but only once.

    • How to change the character in the dinosaur Chrome game?

      When we go offline and there is a Google Chrome search page opened, we see the dinosaur T-Rex, the famous and simple game that many people have fun with playing. What if we told you that the T-Rex can become Mario Bros, Batman or even Naruto? In this article, you will find out how to replace the dinosaur from Google Chrome with Mario Bros and other characters.

    • How to use an IF statement to add 1 to total

      Excel is used to store, share and analyze data. It has inbuilt formulas that can be customized and combined with each other to achieve the desired results. For example, IF statement incorporates conditional statements. The user can combine IF statement with other functions to add in a conditional statement. These conditions can be based either on some text or numeric value which the formula would automatically check for.

    • How to insert file path in excel: cell, sheet

      If you're using Excel and would like to link another document or Excel file to your spreadsheet, you can do so by inserting the path a file name in a specific cell. This article will show you how to get started.

    • How to copy a Macro into a blank cell

      In this article we will show you an example of a Macro that can copy data in the next blank cell. Using this example you should then be able to apply the solution to a specific problem that you have.

    • How many IF statements can you nest in Excel

      In normal circumstances, Excel places a limit on the number of nested conditional formulas that you can use. The limit is 7. However, it is possible to circumvent the limitation over the number of nested conditional formulas by cascading them. This article will look at the different methods for nesting multiple IF statements in Excel.

    13 January
    • How to perform a partial cell match in Excel?

      If you'd like to isolate cells in a Microsoft Excel data sheet based on criteria that has a partial cell match, this can be done through the use of a MATCH function. When applied, the MATCH function searches for items in a range of cells based on any given criteria. When found, the function will direct you to any cells that fit the criteria given. This article will teach you how to use the MATCH formula in Excel to find data entries that are partially linked to one another.

    • How to change author name in Excel: spreadsheet, VBA

      By default, Excel uses your Windows username as the default author name, which automatically appears in the properties of creating Excel files. You can change the default author name in Excel by following the procedure described below.

    • How to insert GIF in Excel: 365, sheet, VBA

      In an Excel workbook it is possible to insert a GIF, although the animation will only work when the image is inserted into a control. This can be done through Control Toolbox, Design mode and Microsoft Web Browser. ​​​​​​​VBA code is an integral part of inserting a GIF in Excel. This article will show you how to insert a GIF into an excel sheet using VBA code.

    • How to take screenshot in Excel: shortcut, sheet, cell

      Among its wide array of features, Microsoft Excel allows you to take screenshots of data cells in your spreadsheet so that you can present your information in a way that is cleaner and easier to read. Although these screenshots are saved as static images and will not be updated if information changes, this feature is extremely versatile and can be easily transferred to other Office software (such as Word, PowerPoint, or Outlook) for further use.

    • How to enable VBA in Excel: Mac, Office 365

      Visual Basic for Applications, or VBA, is a Microsoft programming language that allows users to create scripts to execute certain actions or functions in a document by using Macros. It is most widely used in Excel to manage large quantities of data; however, other uses do exist. In this article we will show you how to activate VBA in Excel. These methods should work on both PC and Mac.