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DFX for Windows Media Player

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DFX for Windows Media Player
Windows XP Windows 2000 - English

This is a fun tool but there is a more recent product by the same publisher.

Registration date
Wednesday November 4, 2020
Last seen
October 28, 2021

Note: we strongly recommend that you consider using the latest product by the same publisher - it has similar features

Although audio players we may have are effective, this plug-in offers more options to optimize your player. DFX for Windows Media Player was designed to let you find out your favourite tunes without changing audio player.

Key Features

  • Change the skin for DFX.
  • Choose the color for your DFX.
  • Remove some effects if you don’t want them.

Is It Free?

This is a trial version of the product. It seems that the full version is no longer available for purchase.

Alternative spelling: dfx9Setup-WMP9.204.exe
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