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Enterprise Architect for UML

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Enterprise Architect for UML
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Enterprise Architect for UML is a model creation tool that uses UML (Unified Model Language). It is especially destined to illustrate business systems of a given company and to generate reports.

Key Features

  • Creating model: Enterprise Architect for UML is a graphics tool designed to create models that reflects the company's business system. A full WYSIWYG template editor is at the user's disposal to ease the process.
  • Modeling system: managers can use the software to monitor one or more projects and to have a global overview of the business. Enterprise Architect allows task assignments to each member of the team and risk assessment.
  • Business simulation: provides different examples of business models that can be used as a reference. The program can test the effectiveness of the company in order to build the right system and to make improvements if needed.
  • Database: outside the visual design, Enterprise Architect also allows users to update the database in which all data have been previously entered. This means that the user can insert, search and edit any information.

Is It Free?

This is a free 30-day trial version. The full license costs from $229 to $899 for ultimate floating license.

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