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Windows XP - English

Karaplayer is a software mainly designed to create Karaoke. That is to say, it allows synchronizing audio with its lyrics.

Key features

Supported format: Karaplayer supports all karaoke video formats that exist such as MPEG, Avi and Wma. In addition to that, the user is allowed to enjoy all his karaoke files on TV by connecting the latter with the computer.

Automate synchronization: the main advantage with this software is that it synchronizes automatically music with its lyrics. For that, the user has to define in the Karaoke's playlist the position of the song with the corresponding lyrics.

Control: Karaplayer integrates all tools for quick and easy control of playback. The user can zap a song at any time, pause or stop playing with a single click. He can also change the tone and the rhythm of each song.

Playlist: with this software, it is possible to create custom playlists. The user can short the song according to his favorite karaoke. It is also packed with a search box that allows to quickly find a file in the playlist.


It is possible to apply a silent time between each song.

Karaplayer carries out an automatic saving every 5 minutes.


This is a 30 days trial version and each session is limited to 2 hours.

Alternative spelling: kpp_3.0.exe
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