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  • Developer Steven Mayall
  • Version 3.5.8698
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MusicBee is a file manager and media player, handling music, audio, podcasts, audiobooks, and radio stations. It stands out as it also features format conversion, music extraction from CDs, interface customization, keyboard shortcuts, or ReplayGain to maintain a uniform volume in all songs, among other functionalities.

What is MusicBee?

Discover the world of MusicBee, a fantastic free application for the Microsoft Windows operating system that's your go-to for playing and organizing your music collection. This nifty tool goes beyond just playback - it's equipped with handy features to effortlessly organize your music files. Experience the convenience of automatic downloads for tags, covers, and metadata from the vast realm of the Internet. Dive into top-notch audio quality with the BASS audio library and enjoy seamless web browsing through the Mozilla XULRunner environment.

What are the key features of MusicBee?

  • User interface: The layout is crystal clear and easy to navigate, reminiscent of iTunes. A central panel takes care of your playlist, while handy modules on the sides grant quick access to the folder explorer, song search, and album covers, among other nifty features.
  • Library management: Take control of your music library effortlessly with MusicBee's powerful management features. Organize and rename your music files with ease, using a variety of audio tag values like artist, album, track number, and more. Set it up to automatically handle your libraries or dive in manually whenever you want. It's the ultimate way to keep your music collection in perfect harmony.
  • Personalization: Tweak the player's look to match your style with the customization option.
  • Compact mini-player: You can enjoy a condensed view while multitasking – perfect for keeping the music going while working on other windows.
  • Jam with Groove: MusicBee effortlessly syncs with Groove Music (formerly Xbox Music). Whether you're streaming straight from MusicBee or seamlessly blending it into your current playlist, the options are as diverse as the Groove catalog itself.
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  • Playlists and radios: It seamlessly integrates with and MiniLyrics, creating smart playlists and diving into podcasts and online radio stations.
  • Format compatibility: MusicBee plays nicely with various formats, including MP3, OGG, WMA, and many more, ensuring it handles all your audio needs while preserving your files' metadata.
  • Format converter: You can convert files between formats on the fly, which is always helpful if your device does not natively support some formats.
  • Effortless rip: Rip and store your favorite tunes from CDs hassle-free.
  • Sound sculpting equalizer: Fine-tune your audio experience with a 10-band or 15-band equalizer and digital signal processing (DSP) effects. Take advantage of top-notch audio cards with support for WASAPI and ASIO.
  • Lyrics are at your fingertips: Use MusicBee's lyrics search engine to find and sing along to the words of your favorite tunes.
  • Top-notch sound quality: Enhance your music with Winamp plug-ins, choose from a logarithmic volume scale, or set up a custom volume pattern.
  • Seamless synchronization: Keep your library in sync across all your devices. Whether it's playlists, podcasts, or audiobooks, MusicBee has you covered.
  • Connected to people: MusicBee invites you to join the conversation in their dedicated thread, where users spill the beats on their experiences or dive into reviews from the most trusted sources.

How to use MusicBee?

If you want to learn to use MusicBee step-by-step, explore the Getting Started and Customization guides. They also provide a well-maintained forum if you're looking for help or want to reach support. Oh, and if you want to extend MusicBee, take a look at all the different add-ons.

Is MusicBee free?

It's freeware, so MusicBee is entirely free to use.

Is MusicBee safe?

Yes, MusicBee is considered safe.

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