DJ Mix Lite free for PC

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DJ Mix Lite is the automatic mixing mp3 player that is specially designed to play continuous music with crossfading, beat matching mixes between songs.

What are the key features of DJ Mix Lite?

  • Mixing: DJ Mix Lite mixes all your music without interruption. In fact, it reads your pieces and arranges them in periods so that two songs can be played together. The user can turn down the volume of the first song and increase the other one. In case the beat's song is faster than the second song, the software uses a special tool to increase the pitch in order to reach it. And if the beat's song is slower than the beat's song to mix, the software will try to equalize it.
  • Playlist: there are tools for analyzing the frequency, and duration of the song, or the BPM of each one of them. Thanks to that, the software will join the pieces so that you can start your playlist as a DJ would. And no need for breakage or double tempo.
  • Windows: it shows tabs that are giving multiple options in order to improve the performance and the quality of sound, songs, and beat locks.
  • Statistics tab: this option is designed to provide information about the song or the playlist.

Is it free?

The software is shareware and free of charge.

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