Karaoke Sound Tools

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  • 5 votes 4.2 / 5
  • Developer Power Karaoke
  • Version 2.0
  • License Shareware
  • Language en

The latest version of Karaoke Sound Tools comes with a mix of features that will allow you to create, manipulate and adjust all the songs in your singing repertorium to fit your needs. You can get creative with this software by mixing songs, editing them and making them fit your singing skills.

Key Features

  • Runs with Windows 10 and it requires a minimum 2GB RAM to ensure the best use.
  • The latest version allows you to cut out the vocals from the any song you select directly from a CD
  • Change the key tune to suit your voice requirements, this can allow you to change the pitch and have it accordingly so you can arrive to the range
  • You can modify the tempo of every song by changing the beat with the speed you need
  • It allows the user to mix different tracks, play with the tempo, intros and closings, you can set up a complete track list or just mix them into a single song
  • It supports and allows you to modify MP3+G, ZIP, or BIN files

Is It Free?

Unfortunately no, the latest version of Karaoke Sound Tools costs $49 USD, if you’ve purchased any other Karaoke Sound product, you shall receive a 10$ discount in your new acquisition.

Is It Safe?

Karaoke Sound Tools is safe and user friendly