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Your computer may contain more than 60,000 music tracks that you may have the pain distinguishing them. You can manage them via SonicStage which is actually a utility for managing your music collection.

Disclaimer: it seems that this product is discontinued. Thus, even though the version linked to this page is the latest to exist, it may no longer work on your computer, or run with recurring error messages.

What are the key features of SonicStage?

  • Management: this software gives you the ability to group songs by artists in alphabetical order, or by album, etc. You can put them in a place where you can view them at any time. For this, it backs up your audio files in your library to save them. It can also rip the content of your audio CDs.
  • Playlist: this tool gives you the opportunity to put your songs in the program and it will automatically generate a playlist. For example, your reggae songs, slow, etc.
  • Transfer: it is management software, it can also transfer MP3 files in digital music players such as MP3 players, iTunes, or other. The process is simple, you just have to put the files to move, then click the button and select the transfer destination.
  • Interface: easy to use, SonicStage has a very intuitive interface and welcoming at the same time. As an illustration, to play a song, you simply have to choose one and press the Play button at the top of the interface.

Is it free?

You can download and use this product for free.

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