Microsoft Office Publisher

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2020 (latest version)
Microsoft Office Publisher
Windows 10 - English

Microsoft Office Publisher is a part of the Microsoft Office Package. It enables the user an easy to use platform for simple office tasks as calendars, letters, advertising and more. It’s a tool highly efficient for home and office use.

Key Features

  • This complete package offers different features and modalities to create simple and more complex office work. Including postcards, picture editing, calendars, posters and more, you can create all kinds of office documents simply and fast. The interface has a guide to guide your through all tasks and which allows you to easily learn how to use the interface. share, save or archive your files.
  • Offering both a blank canvas a wide range of templates, the design is ready for use. From postcards and greeting cards to Professional Newsletters and Business Reports, the office publisher templates are simple and easy to use, choose your favorite and add your personalized text. It also allows you to share, save or archive your files.
  • Publishing all of the material created inside Microsoft Office Publisher can be done by sharing and presenting your work in different formats. Send your files by email or social media postings, personalize your prints in large and small scale according to your preferences. You can import and export publicacions of other users in standard universal formats and manipulate them directly with the software.
  • Get creative and choose from more than a thousand templates designed for finance, presentations, family activities, calendars, posters, newsletters, house management and more. Image drop and adding is simple as well as modifying simple details such as color to make a more personalized creation.

Is It Free?

The software has a trial version of one month, and a full payment of $139.9dls for a complete package.

Is It Safe?

Microsoft Software is safety guaranteed

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