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Wine is a software capable of emulating an environment and run Windows applications on Linux and other POSIX compatible operating systems.

Key Features

Emulator: Wine is first of all an emulator. It allows simulating a Windows operating system. The user just installs the software and executes it. He can then view Windows files while remaining on Linux.

Running Windows applications: with Wine, Windows programs run on Linux and behave as native and original ones, without much loss in performance or memory usage of the computer.

Community: Wine is strongly dependent on its user community. Several members perform various tests to check how the programs work. To obtain assistance, it is possible to access forums where volunteers answer to questions.


Wine is an open source and is available for free.
It is possible to bring improvements to its features on condition that having the appropriate knowledge in programming.


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Alternative spelling: wine-1.7.41.tar.bz2, wine.tar.bz2

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