It is always preferable to have a unique software to play audio and video file in a system. KMPlayer is compatible with lots of formats with audio effects for sound enhancement.

Key Features

KMPlayer has its own codecs for playing of some file formats. It is possible to add external codecs for specific file formats. It is advisable to use the embed codecs in order to ensure full compatibility. KMPlayer allows its users to manage multimedia files with a preview function so as to ensure to open the real content. The preview function is compatible with video, audio, DVD formats and more. Categorizing files by type or genre can facilitate research. The application can also play 3D video if the users have the needed materials for that. This option depends on the used graphics card that must support this standard. KMPlayer also requires an enough powerful machine (RAM and processor). It is advisable to have a coherent machine component level to enjoy this feature.


KMPlayer is compatible with a wide range of formats. Graphical and easy to use interface. Easy to handle.


Need to integrate some codecs manually.


Alternative spelling: KMPlayer_4.0.7.1.exe
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the km player is very nice player plz use it

this player is very easy to use and run almost anything
very useful site
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