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Free Smart Math Calculator

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Free Smart Math Calculator
Linux - English
We often encounter difficulties in having high accuracy in calculations with a typical calculator. Free Smart Math Calculator is a software that offers greater accuracy in the results of mathematical operations.

Most scientific calculations can be made with Free Smart Math Calculator. It supports more than 20 types of functions and consists of predefined constants such as sine, cosine, tangent, logarithm, exponential, inverted functions etc.

The results obtained after an operation may be displayed according to the user's needs. They may be presented in the form of fraction or converted to other units such as degree, radian and grade for the values.

In addition to these features, a recording function is available on the interface for saving parameters. Each selected parameter remains unchanged at recording. This allows the iteration of results if necessary in the course of operations.

The software has a user-friendly graphical interface and streamlined to facilitate handling. All necessary tools are accessible via its virtual keypad. Signs, constants, numbers and others are also represented there.


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Wednesday November 28, 2018
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June 4, 2020
Very smart calculator for Linux-based computer.
i love this

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five star
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