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Recovery software designed for hard drives or removable devices are common. A tool for recovering data a SIM card has been created in case of Sim Card Data Recovery.

Key Features

Sim Card Data Recovery is very helpful for those using a mobile phone. Indeed, it can recover important messages, call history, data that has been infected by viruses, contacts names and addresses, information accidentally deleted, and much more. You will know everything about your SIM card with this software since it provides you all the relevant information about it. Thus, you can have the location field of your provider, identification number on your card, the name of the service provider, etc. There is nothing difficult in handling this tool. All you need is to connect your SIM card to your computer through a USB SIM card player and then run the application and click on scan. Once the analysis done, just click to restore.


The simple and intuitive interface facilitates its handling.


In this demo version, the first two records can only be viewed and files are partially hidden.


Alternative spelling: MicronSimCardDemo-, MicronSimCardDemo.exe

Latest update on October 30, 2014 at 07:38 AM.

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