Recovery for Works free for PC

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  • Developer OfficeRecovery
  • Version 13.0.21044
  • License Shareware
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Losing data can be a great loss for a company. In this case, specialized software like Recovery for Works can be very useful. It is a tool that can recover corrupt Microsoft Works data such as Word Works files, Works spreadsheets or databases.

What are the key features of Recovery for Works?

  • Recovery of damaged files: Recovery for Works is primarily a tool to help recover WPS, WDB or XLR damaged files. Microsoft files that have been corrupted or damaged such as text files, spreadsheets, or databases, can be recovered with Recovery for Works. So even if you forgot to save the data, files can still be found.
  • Formatting: even if the user has already started formatting a computer, files can still be recovered. Text, numeric fields, formulas, text properties, forms, and tables and images in the computer system that has been formatted will remain in their original forms.
  • Easy to use: you may think that restoring lost data can be a hard task. But note that Recovery for Works is easy to handle. Therefore, data recovery can be done by both professionals and amateurs.