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Hide N Seek : MC Mini Game With Worldwide Multiplayer

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Hide N Seek : MC Mini Game With Worldwide Multiplayer
iPhone - English

Fun game if you want to relive your childhood memories this time online!

Registration date
Wednesday October 14, 2020
Last seen
October 13, 2021

Hide N Seek is a Mini Game With Worldwide Multiplayer where the user has to hide and seek from other gamers in a mysterious labyrinth. Get ready for a tricky and addictive adventure

Key Features

  • Gameplay: Hide N Seek: Mini Game With Worldwide Multiplayer can bring back some childhood's memories of Hide-and-See all in the screen world that takes the games to the virtual world. The same feeling and excitement remain intact. To begin, the game will choose a player as the Seeker and others as the ones hiding. You can become a seeker once you are found by “seeker”.
  • Controls: the player guides himself thanks to a DPad (left, right, back and straight controls). You can jump by tapping on the screen. To trigger an event, the gamer has to click on the "Sign" block located on the display.
  • Multiplayer mode: requiring an Internet connection, Hide N Seek: Mini Game works as a worldwide multiplayer and allows you to play with several gamers simultaneously. Each room can contain up to 24 players who are available online. They can be assigned to play the Hider or Seeker.
  • Enhancements: in Classic Mode, the Hider cannot kill Seekers. Concerning Survival Mode, Hide N Seek: Mini Game With Worldwide Multiplayer players are endowed with a wooden sword enabling them to kill the Seekers.

Is It Free?

The game is free and is only available in English

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