Game of War - Fire Age

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  • Developer Machine Zone, Inc
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  • License Freeware
  • Language en

Game of War - Fire Age is a massively multiplayer online strategy game for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The player evolves in a fantasy world and has the goal to protect the empire he built. Alliances can be formed with other online players to better defend themselves against enemies. It is developed by Machine Zone Incorporation.

Key Features

  • Game principle: in Game of War - Fire Age, the user plays a hero that can become stronger via trainings. He also has to build a kingdom, make it grow and flourish and construct several properties of different kinds.
  • Fighting: combats are happening in real-time in Game of War - Fire Age. This means that an army of different units, having their own specificities, can be established during assaults. Players can select their own fighters.
  • Customization: lots of heroes' customization options are available. You can personalize the character's appearance as well as his capabilities. For instance, it is possible to upgrade weapons with gems of exceptional powers.
  • Alliance: Game of War - Fire Age is endowed with an alliance system that facilitates the progression into the game. The two online players can exchange resources with allies or organize massive attacks against enemies.
  • Chatbox: an instant chat box is integrated into Game of War - Fire Age. This game enables to send messages to other online players. Two modes allow the gamer to speak with either one person or with a group.

Other Systems

The game is also available for iPhone and iPad.

Is It Free?

The game is free to download but contains in-app purchases.

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