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Bottle Flip 3D

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Bottle Flip 3D
Android iPhone - English

This is a really fun and sometimes challenging game (even though the idea is simple). It sucks you in and once you start, it's hard to stop!

Registration date
Monday November 25, 2019
Last seen
October 17, 2021

The aim of this exciting arcade game, is to flip the plastic bottle full of water from different platforms and get it to stand upright. It is addictive and simple-all you need to do is tap the screen, to make the bottle to flip!

There are different scenarios and rooms to be explored in Bottle Flip 3D, each filled with obstacles and objects to overcome including bookcases, sofas, table balances etc..As the game advances, so does the difficulty level and the type of challenges you meet, resulting in often needing several attempts to complete a move. In this fun 3D game, you’ll test your agility and develop coordination as you learn to control the distances you need to make your bottle flip to land safely and eventually cross the finish line.

Other Systems

Bottle Flip 3D is also availble for iOS.

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