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Mubert: AI Music Streaming

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Mubert: AI Music Streaming
Android iPhone - English

This cool app uses AI to make music just for you! Check it out if you a fan of electronic music.

Registration date
Tuesday March 7, 2017
Last seen
November 4, 2021

Mubert brings in a new generation solution for listening to music. This app brings you fresh electronic music generated by it's AI (artificial intelligence) tool, and it's customized based on your preferences and feedback.

To get started, select the genre of music you want to generate. The options include House, techno, chill, hiphop, ambient, and electronica. set the channel intensity level. You can choose among Light, Medium, and Heavy. The idea is to match the intensity with you current mood or activity. If you like what you hear, give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down if you don't like it. This way you can train the AI to adjust more to your taste.

In addition, the app syncs with social media accounts to share sounds and it offers additional customizations, such as background, in the settings.

Other Systems

Mubert is also available for iPhone.

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