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SoundCloud is an audio streaming platform that is loaded with over 200 million tracks. There are more than 20 million artists from various parts of the globe who contribute to this platform. International top DJs and music producers pre-release their music on this platform to reach out to their followers and get direct feedback.

What are the key features of SoundCloud?

  • Explore hits: Be the first to hear new tracks and discover emerging new artists, DJs, and podcasters in this open global music community.
  • Be your own DJ: Upload your own material to help further your career or get started and share your playlists on social media.
  • Exclusive music library: One of the hugest music catalogs in the world with over 200 million tracks. Listen to and discover music that exists nowhere else and support them with each like and listen.
  • Suggestions: Discover new albums and playlists based on music you like listening to on SoundCloud.
  • Community: Connect directly with artists and communicate with other listeners and fans.

How does SoundCloud work?

SoundCloud is a huge music library that uploads new tracks, artists, and playlists every day. It also works as a social network where you can communicate with music fans, and your favorite DJs and musicians.

Is SoundCloud free?

SoundCloud is free to download and use but there are 2 other paid versions: SoundCloud GO and SoundCloud Go+, that offer more features starting from around $5.99 per month. Both of these versions include 30 day free trials.

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