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COVID Symptom Tracker

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COVID Symptom Tracker
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This app is an amazing initiative not only to put your mind at ease or help you identify any troublesome symptoms you may have, but also to do your part for science. Gathering information of this kind, will help scientists better understand the virus and ultimately predict and prevent the spread of this disease.

Registration date
Monday November 25, 2019
Last seen
October 17, 2021

If you are based in the UK, COVID Symptom Tracker is an app that will enable you to decipher if you have probable Covid-19 symptoms or not and to contribute to helping scientists better understand this new, devastating virus. Even if you are feeling well, you will be asked to share how you feel everyday, so that any possible symptoms and behaviours of the virus can be identified.

About COVID Symptom Tracker

If you are worried about symptoms you may have, the spread of the virus in your area or would somehow like to contribute to advancing research on Covid19, then this app is what you’re looking for. Doctors and scientists from King’s College London, Guys and St Thomas’ Hospitals and Zoe Global Limited have created this app to better understand the Covid19 virus, how it presents itself in people of different ages and in varying states of health and how it behaves.

You will be asked daily to provide a one minute, health status update (even if you feel fine) and to share symptoms. You will also be asked if you have been in hospital and if so, what treatment you received there. Additionally, the app asks whether or not you have been tested for the virus.

Whilst this app allows you to help others, it does not give health advice so please consult your local doctor and health service if you are worried about your health.

Important Information This Application Will Supply

  • Info from this app will help scientists discover how fast the virus is spreading in your area.
  • It will identify high-risk areas in the UK
  • Identify who is most at risk by further understanding symptoms connected to pre-exisiting health conditions.

Other Systems

COVID Symptom Tracker is also availble to download for iOS here.

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