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  • Developer OnePlus Ltd.
  • Version 1.3.2_2c708b4_210305
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OnePlus Health is the companion app for the OnePlus fitness bracelet. The app connects to your fitness band and stores all your fitness and health data, measures your progress, and shows you analytics and statistics about your workout progress.

What are the key features of OnePlus Health?

  • Health data: The app tracks all your health data and visualizes your daily activities, as well as your heart rate, sleep rate, steps, and more.
  • Workout record: OnePlus Health analyzes your routes and records your steps to show you how much you walk or run daily, how many calories you burn, etc.
  • Personal exercises: Based on your health data, the app can provide you with personalized exercises to motivate you to get closer to your fitness goal.
  • Sync devices: You can pair the app with your fitness bracelet OnePlus or other smart devices and watches and manage the app directly from there.
OnePlus Health
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How does OnePlus Health work?

OnePlus Health app connects to your OnePlus wrist fitness band and displays and analyzes all your health data. You can see your progress in the app or directly on your fitness band or other supported smart devices.

Is OnePlus Health free?

The app is completely free to download and use.

Is OnePlus Health safe?

The app is safe and doesn’t sell or share your data to third-party companies. You can read more about the OnePlus privacy policy.

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