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Dual Space

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Dual Space
Android - English

Dual helps you manage multiple accounts for apps on your phone!

Registration date
Tuesday March 7, 2017
Last seen
November 4, 2021

Dual Space - Multiple Accounts & App Cloner is an Android app that allows you to have multiple WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook or any other social network accounts on the same device.

The Dual Space app allows you to use multiple accounts at the same time and in a comfortable and simple way, offering the user something like a parallel space in which they can log in to the network they want, easily and without having to log out. opened earlier on the phone. This is very useful not only for leisure but also to separate workspaces and social life, for example.

Among the most outstanding features of Dual Space are its compatibility with the main social platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), its tools to create private areas and open accounts without leaving a trace on the device, and its renewed minimalist design.

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