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WinSCP is a program used for transferring files between local and remote servers. It is a SFTP/ SCP client allowing to connect to SSH servers. Detailed below are its features.

Key features

Automation: The program offers the user the possibility to transfer the files automatically. It has the Commands option which is made to perform this action. It is also capable of modifying script automatically or the user can rename it himself for instance.
Exchange: WinSCP also allows the user to exchange files over the internet. For that, he needs at least FTPS server as a file storage. He can share with others by uploading as remote file system or directly publish it on internet. Master password: This is another feature of the utilitarian. It is used to protect stored passwords for it is always required in each move concerning the password. This function is optional, meaning that the user can set or remove it.


The download of WinSCP is completely free of charge. It is available in different languages. It has a graphical user interface.


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